How to install Android 10 On your phone

Android 10 is right here for a few people, but possibly not you.

Android 10 is right here for a few people, but possibly not you. If you’re the owner of a google pixel (starting from the OG Pixel to the trendy Pixel 3a or Pixel 3a xl variants), you could download and set up the new edition of the Android OS proper now. For each person else, you’re in for a chunk of a wait. Before you download and deploy android 10—on every occasion this is—right here are some steps you’ll want to recollect:


While you should be nice migrating from the of Android you’re directly to Android 10, you don’t need to be the exception to the rule—especially in case you haven’t currently backed up your device’s critical data. Thankfully, this is a quite easy process:

Pull up Settings
Tap on System
Tap on Backup
Tap the big blue “Back up now” button

This need to cover most of your device’s essentials: app data, call history, contacts, device settings, and text messages. If you need to be thorough, you canadditionally use a third-birthday celebration app like Slight Backup to create a secondary, supplemental backup. If you’re going for walks root, you couldalso use Titanium Backup to maintaineverything on your tool, however that feels a chunk overkill for a standard gadgetreplace.

I’d also endorse firing up Google Photos, assuming you use that app/provider, to ensure your tool’s snapshots and movies are all synchronized to the cloud. Since it’s free, there’s no reason no longer to apply Google’s provider to preserve your media, especially in case you’re a Pixel owner and the enterprise offers you limitless storage in your full-resolution photos and films.

Finally, if you use your device—and most effective your tool, or an Android authentication app—to verify your login records for any crucial money owed, make sure you have backup codes for these accounts on standby. Should the update pass south and you discover yourself unable to access your phone, nor your authenticator app, you’ll nevertheless be capable of getting into your money owed from another tool and start the somewhat-arduous technique of putting in 2FA elsewhere?

Give your phone a quick speed test before installing Android 10

This step is optional, but I always enjoy seeing what a new operating machine update does to my device’s performance—and if it hamstrings my device in any way, that’s a good cause to recall a reset, some more troubleshooting, or possibly a smartphone call or online chat with the manufacturer (as soon as I’ve checked to make certain my warranty is still active).

Grab some benchmarking apps like GeekBench 5, AnTuTu, and GFXBench, and supply them a run before you upgrade your device to Android 10. Once you’re all equipped to move in the new edition of the operating system, run it again; the results have to be quite similar. If they’re appreciably worse after compared to before, you may have a problem.

Of course, you can continually browse your favorite Android forums to triple-test that other owners of your specific telephone aren’t encountering any bugs or troubles when they jump to Android 10. If so, you would possibly need to hold back on the update until any problems are addressed. That’s particularly authentic for any battery issues different users might encounter. If you’re seeing reports that Android 10 kills your device’s battery life (by something like 25 percent, let’s say), you also might want to wait on that update.

How to install Android 10

Once you’re ready to pull the trigger on Android 10, perform an over-the-air update by:

  1. Pulling up Settings
  2. Tapping on System
  3. Tapping on Advanced
  4. Tapping on System Update
  5. Tapping on the big blue “Check for update” button.
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